As indicated above, the ICS is registered as a not-for-profit, charitable trust in both India and Northern Ireland, UK. Governance responsibility rests with the trustees, who also direct policy and strategy.

The ICS has a resident director at Sanghol, who has responsibility for all matters pertaining to administration, organisation, and student affairs. The Director also coordinates training, teaching, research, and other activities.

The ICS has an advisory board, consisting of the following individuals:

  • Rt Hon Lord John Alderdice of Knock.
  • Professor Donald H Akenson, Professor of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Professor Vani Borooah, Professor Applied Economics (Rtd), Ulster University.
  • Dr Sonia Dussault, Professor of Peace Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Professor Alan English PhD, Professor of Peace Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
  • Professor Tom Fraser, Pro VC (rtd) Ulster University, Provost Magee Campus.
  • Mr J Brian Garrett LLB, FCIArb, County Court Judge (Rtd).
  • The Lord Rana of Malone.
  • Mr Terence Robinson Jr, Senior Vice President International Gale, Cengage Learning Inc.
  • Dr Brian Scott, MBA, DBA, PGCE, BA.
  • Ms Urmil Verma MA, M Ed, LLB, Principal, Cordia Education Campus, Sanghol, Punjab, India.


The Rana Charitable Trust (Charity registration: RCT XR15072) was established to promote charitable and peace-making initiatives in Northern Ireland including integrated education, business development, and foreign direct investment.

From 1997 to 1999 the Trust shifted its focus to India, and funded a major building refurbishment and extension of a high school at Haibowal, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, which resulted in its formal upgrading to higher secondary school status.

In 1997 the Trust also began to develop facilities at Sanghol, near Chandigarh, Punjab, to provide greater educational opportunities for local people.   This has expanded steadily until it is now a 25-acre campus with a variety of institutions offering education and training from nursery level to postgraduate studies, and covering a wide range of subjects including building trades, business management, teacher training, hospitality & tourism, and catering.

The overall site, named the Cordia Educational Complex, also contains a range of accommodation, catering, recreational, and leisure facilities (the latest addition to which is a full-size sports stadium now under construction).